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BIM for FM Industry

Meet BIM, the Holy Grail for Facility Management

Excellent facility management (FM) guarantees properties optimally satisfy their intended functions. Effective management of maintenance, renovations, contracts, assets, and occupant satisfaction are all critical. Yet, how could we ensure these?

Building Information Models (BIM) — digital representation of a building’s physical and functional characteristics — links 3D geometry with facility data to provide high-quality visualisation plus analysis and simulations throughout the building lifecycle. BIM for FM supports central coordination of all facility data, linking data with 3D models for quick and easy access, improving efficiency, quality, and reliability of FM processes.

■ Reduced Energy Use — Visualizations offer insights into areas of excessive energy use and inform analysis of alternative strategies.

■ Space Management — Property layout visualizations highlight available space, security points, and evacuation routes to enhance planning.

■ Improved Collaboration — BIM supports clear exchange of information between FM professionals and project design/delivery teams.

■Accurate Building Representation — Laser scanning can augment BIM to provide complete and current building geometry models.

■ Smarter and Efficient Maintenance — FM professionals can instantly pinpoint the location of physical assets, speed planned and emergency response maintenance, and hold visual “rehearsals” when onboarding maintenance staff. 

■ Enhanced sustainability —  BIM enables important opportunities for ensuring the building operation will meet the intended green and sustainable performance targets as designed.

See the ICC BIM for FM case study: https://sbi.international/events-and-publications/digital-twin-for-the-tallest-tower-in-hong-kong

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