Professional Development

Essentials of Facility Management




The FM Essentials is the perfect course for facility professionals just entering the industry or transitioning from a different career


Understand Key Concepts of Facility Management

Learn the language of FM through the Essentials of Facility Management, a workshop series to help those who are new to the field of FM. This program is perfect for those just entering the facility management field, or wanting to deepen their knowledge of FM. Included in the program are three workshop series consisting of a total of 10 modules. The content focuses on basic facility management knowledge and concepts. The primary goal of this program is to address the facility manager’s role in the tactical planning for scheduling and accomplishing FM tasks.



The core concepts, terms and competencies that all facility professionals use in the workplace and day-to-day



Understanding building systems, maintenance practices and personnel management are key to effective facility management



Strong facility professionals have the skills to lead effectively, manage productivity, time and other resources to positively impact the triple bottom line

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