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PMSA Focus Group Meeting on Codes of Conduct and Best Practice Guides to Be Issued

IFMA Hong Kong Chapter is glad to send two representatives – Mr. Kenneth Tsang, President of IFMA Hong Kong Chapter and Ms. Dora Yim, Vice President of IFMA Hong Kong Chapter to “Property Management Services Authority (PMSA) focus group meeting on codes of conduct and best practice guides to be issued” on 19 August 2021. During the meeting, Kenneth, Dora with representatives from other 9 industry associations provided professional views and constructive comments toward the three upcoming Codes of Conduct and the relevant Best Practice Guides to be issued for the property management (PM) industry entitled, “Handling Instrument Appointing a Proxy”, “Provision of Prescribed Information and Financial Documents to Clients”, as well as “Protection of Personal Data”. It is envisaged that the three codes of conduct will be gazetted and take effect in the fourth quarter of 2021.

For more information, please refer to PMSA website at : https://www.pmsa.org.hk/en/press-release-en/pmsa-held-a-focus-group-meeting-today-to-collect-views-from-stakeholders-to-prepare-code-of-conducts-and-related-best-practice-guides-on-handling-instrument-appointing-a-proxy/