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EMSD Webinar - Digital Log-books System for Lifts and Escalators

IFMA Hong Kong Chapter
– EMSD Webinar
Happy New Year to all IFMA members and associates!
To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Hong Kong Chapter, IFMA continues to bring to you monthly professional development sessions with a mission to advance our collective knowledge, value and growth for Facility Management professionals to perform at the highest level.
We were excited to host the first 2023 learning session on 6th January with our guest speakers from Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) of HKSAR Government, Mr. Kevin Cheng and Mr. Charles Tse.
We had overwhelming registrations of over 500. Attendees were of particular interest in today’s topics – Digital Log-books System for Lifts and Escalators and Long Term Strategies for Enhancing Safety and Management of Aged Lifts.
In addition to the informative presentations and useful reference materials sharing from EMSD, Ms. Ashley Cheung of Capax Technology Limited, appointed specialist vendor of EMSD’s digital log-book system, was also invited to give us an overview on application of blockchain, AI capabilities and IoT technology in real case studies.
During Q&A session, Mr. Kevin Cheng and Mr. Charles Tse provided us many practical advices on O&M and safety management of lifts and escalators under different scenarios.
We very much appreciated the continued support from EMSD. Thank you again to Mr. Kevin Cheng, Mr. Charles Tse and Ms. Ashley Cheung for this impressive session.