Asia Pacific Best Innovation Award

The award recognizes projects that are new, exciting, cost-efficient and replicable; that are beyond the leading edge of standard facility management practices. The award is designed to foster creative thinking and innovative practices that will lead facility managers into the future.
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Award Criteria:

1. How would you define innovation in the management of facilities? What makes your project representative of Innovation? 20%

2. Did this innovative project provide benefits to the business, the people in the facility or the FM profession? 20%

3. Were there special circumstances that allowed you to implement this innovation (access to finances, unique building characteristics, enlightened senior management, et al)? Regardless if there were special circumstances, could this innovation be replicated by any Facility Manager? Please explain. 15%

4. What motivated the investigation/implementation of this innovation? Please explain the development of this project. 15%

5. Does this innovation reflect current trends in Facility Management, as defined by IFMA, or does it pave the way for a new trend in the profession? 15%

6. How was this innovation received by the stakeholders within your organization? What challenges did you face when implementing this innovation? How were they met and resolved? 15%